NPSBox Customer Feedback Surveys

Customer Feedback Surveys That Deliver Unique Customer Service Insights

Many businesses today know that it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. However with the digital marketing transformation currently in its infancy the lines between marketing, sales and customer services are becoming blurred; more than before new sales start with great customer service, customer service drives marketing and sales does the numbers and the paperwork.

So in this social media revolution, big data allowing companies to further optimise their business performance and the customer now more educated than ever before, your customer feedback surveys are essential to evolving your differentiated service and driving forward your competitive advantage.

But there is a warning here. If you’re not a customer centric business, if today you focus more on the job, product, time, work, costs than the customer experience, should you be running a customer satisfaction survey? Are you ready to do so? They take time, planning, preparation, follow-up, you start to set new expectations, employees have another task or input to think about. Is the vision, mission, company culture properly aligned and ready to follow through on possible findings? How can you tell? Which set of customers should you start with?

You can’t run a customer satisfaction survey on your survey, you’ve got to get it right, so you need to be ready to run one. Customer Feedback surveys are best run independently to ensure you’re ready, there is no bias, conclusions are properly presented and actions followed up when the next new initiative is announced and priorities change. A third party, such as Awardaroo, will continue to champion your customer service surveys and their findings.


5 benefits of running NPSBox customer feedback surveys:

  1. Improve your service or product offering
  2. Use them as a reason to keep in touch with customers, show you care
  3. Establish new sales opportunities
  4. Highlight weaknesses in your business processes
  5. Enhance employee engagement with new customer feedback

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