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Productivity As A Strategy For Growth

There is a hidden untapped resource in many companies, it’s called Productivity. It is at the heart of all companies, from estate agents to widget makers but sits there often forgotten, eating away at the profits, staff motivation and your competitive advantage.
Why is business productivity so important? Because of leverage. You get a compounding effect, when productivity lifts by 10%, revenues go up by 33%, staff motivation increases, and you protect your competitive advantage, increase your market share.
To get you started, we have the 7 day complimentary BridgeBox trial which looks at your incoming enquiries and customer service calls and shows you where there is low productivity, low profitability in your business today and how to fix it.

About Us


Pixel Promotions

In 2005 you had a choice between the dark arts of SEO or the increasingly dated directories. We created a service called Browsectory ™. Here businesses were not lost in a long list of Google search results and users had a usable interface. Amongst other features it had website thumbnails that showed a website without clicking on it.


Visibly Online

The world was going mobile, the iPhone was arriving. We focused on building websites and promoting them across devices. During the recession our clients grew whilst others faltered. We delivered the first mobile website in the highly competitive storage industry.


Go Niche

Social media is starting to take hold, businesses are looking at Twitter and Facebook. Knowing your market, your Niche will be key. We created a unique market analysis tool based on Google’s latent semantic indexing and BridgeBox ™ a unique service that makes incoming enquiries and customer service calls more profitable.



Today? It’s back to the beginning. With all this access from anywhere, anytime, by anyone, what must a company focus on today? Service. The last great competitive advantage. With our long experience, we work with companies large and small to help them use service to drive marketing, sales and growth. Today a company must have a purpose beyond just profit.

WHY Awardaroo

Awardaroo Delivers Increased Profits From Improved Business Performance.

With Awardaroo you can:
  • Understand where opportunities exist today for improved business performance. The unique BridgeBox sales and customer service call analysis offers a unique view of your business taken from your incoming sales and customer service calls.
  • Find new revenue opportunities with Awardaroo’s own online market analysis service that uniquely maps out your online market.
  • See your competitors’ online marketing strategies and where they are being found online
  • Develop a keener understanding of your market with detailed customer service insights.
  • Fix issues holding back your marketing results with inbound call tracking numbers

BridgeBox Call Diagnosis

What gets measured gets done. BridgeBox call quality monitoring heralds a new dawn for business owners and directors intent on driving growth from increased business productivity as well as targeted marketing campaigns. For you BridgeBox call quality monitoring is an essential tool to reveal hidden business opportunities.

Business Productivity: a secret weapon, a silver bullet or a lot of admin? Schedule your personal demo today and see how BridgeBox can increase your business productivity and so your profitability.

Callaroo! Tracking Numbers

Callaroo! tracking numbers from Awardaroo are a wide range of business UK phone numbers from local numbers to 03 and 08 numbers to suit the needs of your business. Whether it is a dedicated number for your business, a landline for your sales agents’ mobiles or to support your expansion into other cities.

NPSBox Customer Surveys

Many businesses today know that it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. However today the lines between marketing, sales and customer service are becoming blurred, more than before new sales start with great customer service.

Go Niche Marketing

Go Niche Marketing includes our own online market research that’s based on latent semantic indexing, in the same way Google indexes the internet. With this we create a new picture of the market you’re operating in revealing new market opportunities, this makes you more relevant online and off. Combined with our PPC service, or Google AdWords, we deliver a supercharged lead generating machine for your business.


CRM: Customer Relationship Management

The purpose of your CRM is help you retain customers for longer, identify new opportunities to help them and drive sales growth. It is synonymous now with software. A CRM system can help manage the data associated with each customer and each interaction, but as the customers increase, and prospects, the touchpoints and interactions your CRM can start to wobble.


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