The “Awardaroo Growth Curve” five-stage process delivers improved business performance. It bridges the gap between problem and solution.

Awardaroo Growth Curve Five-Stage Process

1) Provides the methodology, vision, and momentum essential for business performance improvement
2) Creates a learning environment
3) Creates a process of continuous improvement

The five-stage process for improved organisational performance and profitability

1) BridgeBox Call Analysis and NPS Surveys create an important sense of urgency and organisational self-awareness that mitigates damaging complacency.

2) Essential Vision setting by considering relevant awards and organisational goals at a high enough level, i.e. Board and Director level.

3) Provides focus on what needs to be improved to achieve the Vision and establishes an effective communications plan to support this.

4) Specifies the next behaviour change needed and the short terms wins it can provide whilst being mindful of the obstacles that may prevent it.

5) The culture change that comes last, not first, as a product of this five-stage process essential for ongoing customer service excellence.